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Tamilnadu government has launched www.tnsand.in web portal for sand online booking in Tamilandu and TNSAND lorry registration. The people can also make their tnsand log in through the TNSAND mobile app for new online sand booking . The Tamilnadu government has made to purchase online sand compulsory from today onwards. The lorry owners can also make their registration at the official website which has been launched today. The portal has been launched to Apply online purchase of sand and for transparency.

The people can also make lorry owner registration at the official website and the TNSAND Mobile App can also be downloaded from google play store.

Rythu Runa Mafi 3rd Phase List & Loan Status

The people who want purchase sand will have to make sand online booking in Tamilnadu. There is no longer any need to wait in long lines for sand Vehicle Registration

How to Cancel TN Sand Order / Cancel Order of Sand

Here is the procedure to cancel order of sand in Tamilandu.

  • To cancel the sand order you have to visit official website www.tnsand.in.
  • Click at Cancel Registration at the right top of the homepage.
TN Sand Order Cancel

TN Sand Order Cancel

  • Fill your order reference number.
  • Fill the captcha.
  • Click at search option and follow the further instructions.

 Download TNSAND Mobile App

Complete Details of TNSAND

Check TNSAND Online Booking Status

How to Make Sand Online Booking in Tamilnadu

Here are the steps to fill the online application and registration for Sand Online Booking in Tamilnadu.

  • To make sand online booking the candidates have to visit official website www.tnsand.in.
  • Now the candidates have to click at General People (பொது மக்கள்) at the top of the right side of the page.
  • Now fill New Sand Booking  Application Form.
  • After filling the form click at create booking.
  • Now you have made online registration for sand booking.

TNSAND Log in & Sign in

Here are the steps to make log in and sign in.

  • For sign in the people have to click at sign (உள்நுழை) at the top of right side of the homepage

The people can also make lorry owner registration at the official website and the TNSAND Mobile App can also be downloaded from google play store. After registration through the app or the website, the consumer or lorry owner may load the sand from the quarries at the specified time allocated to each consumer, avoiding long queues. The people have to purchase online sand from today as it has been made compulsory by Tamilnadu Government.


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  1. balaji says:

    Very nice

  2. jayaraj says:

    How to edit for lorry details please help me

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  4. Kennedy C says:

    Writing my loory

  5. cheran durai says:

    i need to register the class

  6. cheran durai says:

    i need to register



  8. suguna says:

    how to cancel my order please help me

  9. A.SAROJA says:

    Omalur (TK)
    Salem (DT)
    PIN CODE :636455

  10. Suresh Kumar says:

    Suresh Kumar son of easwaran velagoundanur puthur pachanampatty (po) omalur (tk) salem (dt)

  11. K m Palanisamy says:

    Karur river sand 3truck

  12. Ravi s says:


  13. abinesh says:

    How to change lorry detail, axle number change pannanum

  14. jagathisan says:

    How to edit in my lorry details

  15. jagathisan says:

    How do you edit my lorry details



  17. Maha says:

    Very bad

  18. Maha says:

    Thalaiya sutthi nose thotara velai idhu na vedu kattavey mutiyala 6 month bending so govement people yella kasta pataratha vedikkai parkudhu

  19. vivek says:

    how to cancel my order or how to edit 2 unit into 3 unit
    plz help

  20. abinesh says:

    How to change lorry detail

  21. abinesh says:

    Lorry detail Edit panna therinja sollunga frds

  22. KARTHIKEYAN says:


  23. P.JAYARAMAN says:

    Government should allocate sand based on the PLAN APPROVAL OF THE BUILDING. Since the plan approval is given by the Government Agencies they can verify the same by asking to quote the plan approval reference and based on the approved area government should allocate fix the quota.To some extent this may eliminate hoarding.

  24. aravinth says:

    apadilam ilanga

  25. idreesh says:

    how to edit a detail when its saved & please give your customer care details

  26. Dharmaraj says:

    Could you please tell me how to change the lorry details

  27. RAJAPANDIAN says:


  28. Thanigaivel says:

    Thanigaivel S /O
    G Subramani
    Mottupalayam (village)
    Kammavanpet post
    Vellore Tallak
    Pin 632319

  29. Arumugam says:

    How to change axial
    How to convert 2 unit into 3 unit
    Please help sir

  30. AP says:

    How to change axle
    How to convert 2 unit into 3 unit
    Please help sir

  31. Bharath says:

    Apple mobile kku app illaiya

  32. bala says:

    I want to know how to order the sand and i want to know the price per lorry

  33. Sathishkumar says:

    How to change the lorry details for primit entry is mistake

  34. Dharmendhiran says:

    I wand to sand how to order the sand how many unit given in lorry, one unit price

  35. ajithkhan says:

    My lorry for waiting

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    I am sand use home sand price

  37. Gowarthanan says:

    Pls give me helpline number to admin

  38. Suresh says:

    Where u need.. 9087967493-suresh

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    Which area u need sand. By suresh-9087967493

  40. Suresh says:

    Call me I’m ready to supply. 9087967493

  41. vinodh kumar says:

    How to cancel the order and edit the booking details.

    There is no option to edit or cancel the booking details in the app or portal.

    Can you respond ASAP please.

  42. Ashvanth says:

    How to cancel when we booked wrong quorry

  43. ramesh says:

    how to change email ID in the registration

  44. Boopathi says:

    Ipadi makkala kashta pada vaikuradhe Idha govt.. Oru polapa poiduchu

  45. G,Venkatachalam says:

    How to edit Lorry details. Already Lorry details has booking and print the Lorry ID note delivered. But on time of sand booking, dash bar have lorry has in edit mode please update the lorry details and retry the booking. Please solve the problem

  46. Vivek m says:

    visit http://www.tnsand.in website or download mobile app

  47. karthik says:

    i need sand in chennai plz let us know price as soon us possible thanks
    contact number 9841781257

  48. umapathy says:

    Lorry detail Edit panna therinja sollunga frds

  49. vasudevan k says:

    I have a problem in registration . how to edit the lorry detail especially model name , kindly let me know.

  50. vasudevan k says:

    Vasudevan k , I have typed my lorry model wrong I need to edit that . Here only lorry permit is edit option is displayed. Kindly do something so I can edit lorry model. Or say a solution for this .

  51. A.S.Ravi says:

    Change my lorry axils

  52. L.கணேவுமோகன் says:

    மணல் குவாரி இயக்குனர் அய்யா அவர்களுக்கு ஒரு வேன்டுகோள் மணல் எடுக்க வரும் அனைத்து வாகனங்களிளும் தமிழ் நாடு பரமிட்டீல் உள்ள வண்டி எண் தாண் புக்கிங் செய்ய பட்டுள்ள வண்டி எண் தாண் உள்ளதா என்று வண்டியின் பரமிட்டை வாங்கி சரி தான என்று பார்க்குமாறு மிக தாள்மையுடண்ட்டு கோட்டு கொள்கிறோன்

  53. Anandhajothi says:

    How to change the delivery address pls help me

  54. elangovan says:

    Sand booking

  55. sathish says:

    you selected multiaxel then you can 3unints

  56. Vmalaichamy says:

    Sand booking fully favour to lorry owner and big shots only.government rate around 1500 RS but lorry owners getting money 2and half unit nearly 16000,so this scheme advantage for lorry owner only.whhy notgovernment take decision based on building approval they should booking based on lorry registration.so officers and minister take decisions in favour to needy people

  57. Shanmugavel says:

    How to remove the added lorry from my registered tnsand application. Because that registered lorry i have saled to another person. Hence if they’re booked the lorry from their mobile, but that email verification and confirmation mail all are received. from my old app. Now the lorry owner has changed. Now help me how remove the lorry from my registered app..?

  58. SAMY says:


  59. SAMY says:

    HOW TO EDIT LORRY permit expire date?

  60. Suraj says:

    I have one question… We get confirmation message for sand… Bt we didn’t went for tat date for some lorry problem… Can we go after 1 week after getting confirmation date

  61. lakshmipathi says:

    How da change da lorry model sry plz me

  62. devaraj says:

    Sir I’m booking for 3 units sand but booked for 2 units so how to change for 3 units

  63. vv.babu says:

    How can add ennumber of lorry’s in the sand app

  64. viswanathan says:

    u need lorry please

  65. Rubika says:

    how to change userid .,

  66. Rubika says:

    how to change userid

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    iamlorrybookpannumpodu no rocard found inu varudu pls help panuinga sir

  68. Manivannan says:

    How to edit our lorry details

  69. paramu says:

    How to edite lory detail ple help me sir

  70. Kamesh says:

    When you login to TNsand website in in tab of lorry list we have last column we have edit options

  71. K.senthilkumar says:

    My lorry TN 41 AK 4104 is booked unidentified persons. Now I am unable to book sand and my profession is affected .how can I recover my lorry. Is there any remedy for this problems

  72. Arunkumar says:

    What is the Move Order in the TNSAND website?

  73. ROOBAN says:

    eg:TN38 Bb 5107 how to change small b to capital B

  74. RANJIT says:

    How to move order in tnsand

  75. Lakshmipathi says:

    Go edit and change the details

  76. kirthika says:

    How to edit lorry details

  77. k . senthilnaathan says:

    for what all the quarry in which name dd would be taken ? many oh them dont know about this……pls inform about this………if dd is taken wrong they are charging additional commision charges 1080 + 1500 rupees……inform us about correct dd address…….

  78. Rajesh says:

    How to cancel when I booked wrong quarry

  79. seenu says:

    How to change the sand quandity in that application

  80. vasu says:

    How to cancel my order

  81. Kiruba says:

    Looking for Rough sand 5 to 6 units in Chennai.

  82. Surya says:

    How to update the email id

  83. Kiruba says:

    Hi I’m sand supplier in Chennai.

  84. public says:

    completely agreed. All government plans are beneficial only for big shots, agents, politicians. Because of this TNSand plan , now public are affected very badly.. Public getting sand for 16000 per unit from lorry owners, brokers, plocal politicians. please governmet, stop the nonsense of new plans like this.

  85. sathish says:

    if the common man also book the sand in online with the help of lorry owner or the common man produce the reason for booking sand in online.

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