WB Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme Application Form Download

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Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme West Bengal : The state government of West Bengal launched Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme to provide financial assistance to the poor girls for their marriage. After rolling out Kanyashree project for empowering adolescent girls, the West Bengal government introduced a new scheme “Rupashree” for marriage assistance to girls from economically weaker families.

The eligible girls can download Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme Application Form to get the benefit of this scheme. The state government of West Bengal will provide Rs. 25000 to the girls who are from economically weaker section under this scheme. You can take the application form from the Municipality Office or from BDO office or SDO Office or download it from the link given below.

Download Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme Application Form

Poor families find it extremely difficult to bear expenditure of marriage of the daughters and have to borrow at a high rate of interest to bear the marriage expenses. So the state government of West Bengal has decided to provide financial assistance to the girls for their marriage under Rupashree scheme.

Details of WB Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme

Here are the details and highlights of Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme.

  • The state government of West Bengal will provide Rs. 25000 as financial assistance to the poor girls for their marriage under this scheme.
  • Around six lakh families of the state will be benefited under this scheme.
  • The financial assistance will be provided before marriage under this scheme.
  • The government will invest 1500 crore of the amount under Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme.
Rupashree Application Form

Rupashree Application Form

Application Process

Below is the application process to fill WB Rupashree Parkalpa Scheme Application Form.

  • Collect the Rupashree Prakalpa Application Form from BDO, SDO or Municipality Office and fill it correctly.
  • Attach the required documents with it and submit it on the following office. Authorities will verify all the information and after that they will pass the application.
  • Selected/Passed applicants will receive the Rupashree Scheme amount directly on their Bank account before one week of her marriage.

To prevent the Child marriage, the government introduced all these schemes. Girls, whose annual family income less than 1.5 lack, can get this ‘Rupashree Scheme‘ at the time of marriage after the age of 18 years.

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