odisha.data.gov.in – Web Portal to Share Odisha Government Data

October 18, 2017 | Last Modified: October 18, 2017 at 11:59 am | Category: Government Portal/Websites, Odisha Government Schemes

The state government of Odisha launched open government data platform odisha.data.gov.in to share share data related to government departments and development programmes. Chief secretary A P Padhi launched the portal during a workshop on open data sharing at the state secretariat. This web portal will provide information to the public about the data of the government departments. The data available at this portal will provide awareness, learning and many research of the government.

Basically public do not receive the complete information of the government actions and data but this portal will provide complete data through open government data platform Odisha.

Details & Highlights of Open Government Data Platform Odisha

Here are the complete details and highlights of open government data platform Odisha and what type of information this portal will provide to the public.

  • The state government of Odisha will upload the complete data on the Open Government Data Platform web portal.
  • The data on this portal can be transferred digitally and used for developing apps for further use.
  • The data on this portalcan also be used for learning, research and awareness by the common people, journalists, academia and other users.
  • Departments which provides information regarding public services like health and family welfare, school and mass education, higher education, housing and urban development and women and child development will upload their data at the portal.
  • Through this portal the people will be able to take relevant information and the data of the state government of Odisha.

This portal is to share data with people as most data related to implementation of development programmes which is used to be put in the government files. Odisha government has directed all the departments to put the data. The government has also appointed a data officer to monitor that data related to their departments.

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