New Farming Scheme Goa to Provide Irrigation Facilities to Farmers

January 11, 2018 | Last Modified: January 11, 2018 at 4:35 pm | Category: Goa Government Schemes

Agriculture minister Vijai Sardesai has announced that the state government of Goa will launched new farming scheme to provide irrigation facilities and other facilities. Under new farming scheme the state government will also provide financial assistance to build fences around the agriculture lands. Assam government will launch agriculture scheme 2018 on the occasion of republic day on 26 January 2018. Farmers who are the members of cooperative societies would be eligible for this scheme.

The main objective of this scheme to help the poor farmers of who are not capable to fence their agriculture lands to protect their crops from animals.

Details of New Farming Scheme Goa

Here are the details and highlights of New Farming Scheme Goa.

  • The main motto behind this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the farmers to fence the agriculture lands.
  • The farmers who are not viable, especially those with small land holdings, to fence their agricultural lands will be provided the benefit of this scheme.
  • To take the benefit of this scheme the farmers would not be needed to submit any type of documents in the cooperative societies.
  • Only the farmers who are the member of cooperative societies will be benefited under this scheme.

Sardesai said there are some Goans who have been carrying out farming for two or three generations, yet their names don’t reflect on land records. “I know such farmers in my constituency as well,” he said. “With no documents, they are unable to avail Krishi card.” He said that through this scheme, the government intends to help such farmers.

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