MP Sand Mining & Sale Policy 2017 : MP Sand Online Registration Soon

November 15, 2017 | By Lekhraj | Filed in: Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes.

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has introduced MP New Sand Mining & Sale Policy 2017 and the online registrations to purchase online sand in Madhya Pradesh will be started soon. MP government will bring a web portal for  MP Sand Online Registration. Now the new web portal will enable the village panchayats to excavate sand from rivers barring Narmada. According the new sand policy 2017 Madhya Pradesh any individual who requires the sand would be able to dig sand and take it away.

Under this new sand policy the government will provide e pass to the needed people which will be mad after the online sand registration in Madhya Pradesh.

The person will get an e-pass, which he will show to the Sarpanch of the village from where he will dig the sand and will take it for use.

Details of MP Sand Mining & Sale Policy 2017

Below are the details and the highlights of Sand Mining & Sale Policy 2017.

  • As per the new policy, 821 of 1,266 sand mines in the state would be handed over to the village panchayats for operations.
  • Under the policy, vehicles conveying sand on roads would not be checked.
  • A royalty certificate would be provided on the behalf of the panchayat concerned and no search would be carried out for these certified vehicles.
  • The e-pass for mining sand will be valid for four hours within which time the applicant has to take sand and move away.
  • Under the new policy the mining department would estimate the availability of sand in every panchayat after the rains.

The Sand Mining & Sale Policy 2017 will be mining sector for the common man to generate employment opportunities and provide sand at cheaper rates. According to new sand policy no one will stop any truck carrying sand within the state.

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