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September 8, 2017 | Last Modified: September 9, 2017 at 11:04 am | Category: Telangana Government Schemes

Minister for Finance and Planning and Civil Supplies Eatala Rajender launched Telangana T-Ration Mobile App /  to bring transparency in the Telangana State Public Distribution System ( Telangana ePDS). T ration app is an android mobile app which will work in two modules G2C (Government to Customer) and G2G (government to Government). The app is designed with the help of National Informatics Centre (NIC).

Telangana T-Ration Mobile App will minimize the distance between the the government and the beneficiaries. A card holder can download  T-Ration app easily from the google play store and they can get direct access to the operations like like stock position, distribution patterns etc. TNEPDS  App Download directly from google play store.

Download Telangana T-Ration Mobile App / TNEPDS  App Download

Below are the steps to download the Telangana T-Ration Mobile App.

  • To download this mobile app the card holders have to follow a simple procedure.
  • Go to google play store in your android mobile.
  • Search for Telangana T-Ration App.
  • Install the mobile app in your mobile.
  • Download T-ration App.
  • T-Ration mobile app will also be available at
Telangana t- ration app

Telangana t- ration app

Services of T-Ration Mobile App

Basically it will provide two type of services.


  • FPS Allocation
  • RO Status by FPS
  • RO Status by RO Number
  • FPS Locations
  • FSC Search
  • RC (Ration Card) Allocation
  • RC (Ration Card) Transaction
  • Current Stock at FPS


  • MeeSeva status
  • MLS Stock Position
  • Godown Stock Position
  • MLS Stock Receipts
  • MLS Stock Issues
  • Godown Stock Receipts
  • Godown Stock Issues
  • Application Status Report
  • Card Units Report
  • Seeding Report
  • DKR Report
  • ePoS Sale

The ration card holder will also get to know about the status of their application to ration card.

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