Socio Economic & Caste Census SECC App to be Launched Soon

August 21, 2017| Category: Central Government Schemes

The central government is planning to launch Socio Economic & Caste Census SECC App to ensure that the Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC). The government will launch this Socio Economic & Caste Census SECC 2011 Mobile App soon for the benefit of the public. Through this portal the government will select beneficiaries under various schemes. The mobile app is being developed by the NIC team the an authorized person will upload data with all safeguards and laws.

The data will be used to formulate a social registry for citizens through Socio Economic & Caste Census SECC App. The rural development ministry would conduct a pilot programme using the mobile application in some of the rural or urban districts soon.

Details & Highlights of Socio Economic & Caste Census SECC App

Here are the highlights and details of Socio Economic & Caste Census SECC App.

  • SECC app will allow ranking of households based on their socio economic status.
  • SECC 2011 provides the government the names and number of families in each panchayat and details their status on seven deprivation parameters.
  • The advantage of SECC mobile app is that it provides the data of all the people of the country.
  • The World Bank is providing technical assistance to the government for this project.

Socio Economic & Caste Census SECC mobile App will provide the data which will be used to formulate a social registry for citizens.

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